Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Photos

Hi all,
First of all I want to draw your attention to new pictures that I posted on my Picassa album. There are pictures from February and March up until this morning. The pictures and their captions should fill in any stories or details I left out of my posts.
Hope you enjoy!

Here are some of my favorites:

Chilling on the sidewalk in Cartago waiting for the bus to Irazu:

Horseback riding in La Fortuna:

Arenal Volcano:

I also have a small achievement to report. When we went to the feeding program on Wednesday, Jonathan had me translate after lunch while Ronald shared his testimony with the group. I prayed before beginning and I know God helped me a lot because there were only 3 words I didn't know! Rosa even told me afterward that I did a really good job. The group was very moved by hearing about how God rescued Ronald from drug abuse and gangs to use him in the amazing Transformations ministry he has now. God can use absolutely ANYONE if they are obedient to his call. I have much more confidence translating after this experience and I'm so glad I took the chance to do it.

The remaining two weeks of March will be verrrry busy. I'm currently exhausted from a week with the UGA team, who leave tomorrow. Monday and Wednesday of the coming week we have Joshua Expedition teams coming to the project. Tuesday I have a meeting with Steve and Georgiana and a lot of emails, phone calls, and organizing to catch up on. Wednesday through Friday I have Spanish classes. I also have to teach math every night of the week. Saturday a new team comes in for the following week as well as visitors Jon and Vincent. Lauren arrives Monday of that week to stay for a month making a documentary of the project.

Hopefully I'll continue to post often but if I don't, at least you'll have some idea what I'm up to!



Laura Ann. said...

The picture of you on the horse is soooo fake! Seriously, expect me to believe such a terribly photoshopped picture??

I love you!

Jonathan said...

What a beautiful country! Starting to pack...

Anonymous said...

Just checking in....I just LOVE to read what you are doing! :)

I know God has a great plan for you, Julie! Don't ever lose sight of how He is molding you now for what He has planned for you in the future! It's always even better than you'd imagine!

Take care!
Love, Amy Kutz

Barb and Bob said...

I'm missing you so much. Going home next week will make our seperation bearable until you're back in the states. Enjoy your time with Jon as he gets to experience your world. Hope he loves it as much as you do.

Auntie Barb

Anonymous said...

Hello Julie, You don't know me but I wanted to tell you I'm am enjoying reading your story and seeing the pictures of your location. My daughter is there now with a church from Kentucky and she is slow to tell me about it. I'm sure she is having the time of her life and you've let me see that it was a good idea for her to go. My prayer is that God will continue to bless you as you bring Glory to Him. Psalm5:11-12