Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kind of funny but not really...

My mama tica is gone for the weekend. We also have a water leak somewhere beneath our house. Because of this, we have to turn off the outside water valve whenever we're not using water. I just went outside to open it and as soon as I started trying to turn it the valve handle BROKE OFF!

Ok Julie, you can handle this. You're a mechanical engineer. Just find a pliers or some vicegrips and you can open the valve using the little bit of handle left on there. No problem, right?

I have just finished scouring the house for tools and I can report that about half of the tools we have are philips screwdrivers and the other half are machetes! I'm going to call Steve Thomas to see what he can lend me and I'll let you all know soon how this water crisis pans out.

There's something new and interesting every day, you know?

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Laura Ann. said...

ooh, I like machetes! But, they aren't very useful in this sort of situation... Good providence, friend.