Friday, October 17, 2008

How To:

1. How donate funds to the wall and other building projects at the Abraham Project?

The official protocol for donations to the project, (which includes a tax receipt mailed back to you) is to make checks payable to Cornerstone International and note in the memo section "World Hope Outreach Building Project." Mail the check to:
Cornerstone International
P.O. Box 192
Wilmore, KY 40390

2. How to sponsor me directly or donate to the costs of my math tutoring?

This is a significantly less official operation. If you email me or post a comment on this blog I'll email you my mom's address. She's handling all of my finances while I'm here via joint checking :).

A few anecdotes from the last few days:

Last friday before tutoring I got an email from Jon saying that he'd been praying especially for my communication with the math students. I also said a special prayer before heading over to the project that day. When I arrived, I met my friday 4pm student for the first time, and then his mom explained to me that he is partially deaf. Woah. Communication barrier! She told me to speak very loudly and clearly and make sure that he can see my lips when I speak. He turned out to be a very sweet kid who was very enthusiastic about help and wasn't afraid to ask me to repeat myself or write out what I wanted to say to him. Our lesson went really well and all I could think was "Wow God! You just helped me teach three theorems of similar triangles to a spanish-speaking partially-deaf person!"

I finally used the Costa Rican oven this week to make banana bread! It was pretty good and everyone I shared it with thought it was great, but it was nothing compared to my mom's or grandma's. And then I got homesick :(

There have been a lot of floods and landslides here. My mama tica told me that things flood every year around this time. It reminds me once again that I'm not in a first world country like the U.S. They don't have the infrastructure to handle the vast rains that predictably come every year.

That's all I have for now! Thanks for reading and continue to pray for my language skills - especially with my students!


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